Surgitron® Dual RF 120


For advanced office and hospital based surgical procedures, our patented Surgitron® Dual RF™ unit provides the unparalleled surgical control, precision, and safety you need.

Advanced technology to advance your practice

Expand your practice and capabilities with our cutting edge Surgitron Dual RF 120 generator. Our patented technology uses a high frequency of 4.0 MHz that minimizes heat dissipation and enables you to perform more advanced surgical procedures whether in office or hospital based.

What sets Surgitron Dual RF 120 apart

  • Advanced technology reflects 50 years of innovation and enhancement
  • Dual Frequency combines two optimized frequencies – Monopolar (4.0 MHz) and Bipolar (1.7 MHz) for maximum precision and control
  • Digital Control Panel for ease of operation and a clear view of settings
  • Solid State Circuitry for dependable and consistent energy emission
  • Safety Indicators for visual and auditory alerts
  • Parameter Recall to allow rapid set-up for subsequent procedures

Your benefits. Your bottom-line.

  • Precision: sculpt precise incisions in very thin, mobile or tension–free tissues (e.g. eyelid skin, earlobe, etc…)
  • Versatility: beyond other energy-based technologies
  • Value: patented technology with high ROI for both hospital and office environments

Clinical outcomes for your patients

73% Less Thermal Spread – as compared to Bovie® 1250 and Valleylab® ForceFX™ in porcine tissue

  • Excellent Cosmetic Results – causes minimal scar tissue
  • Quick Recovery – with less tissue destruction, healing is hastened and your patients can recover quickly
  • Decreased Postoperative Pain – high frequency RF surgery causes less trauma
  • Less Burning or Charring of Tissues – high frequency RF surgery minimizes burning of tissue, unlike laser or conventional electrosurgery
  • Minimal Heat Dissipation – maximum readability of histologic specimens

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