eCO2™ Plus


Fractional CO2 Laser with 0.1mm Precision

Uncovering Youth One Patient at a Time

eCO2 from Lutronic is the smart choice for providing fast, full-spectrum CO2 treatments with improved pain management and unparalleled outcomes. Your busy practice will appreciate eCO2’s industry-leading reliability & ease-of-use, and your patients will rave about their spectacular results.

Discover Intelligent Precision and Unparalleled Results with eCO2 Plus

The multi-mode eCO2 platform provides practitioners peace of mind with its proven reliability and safety profile, while patients love their results and comfortable treatment experience.

Intelligent Precision with Smart Safety
Users can easily and intuitively balance results and safety by delivering ablative energy at the desired density and depth.
Spend Intelligently
With no artificial per-patient disposable and an extremely low cost of ownership, eCO2 owners can capture an extremely high percentage of treatment revenue.
Brilliant Dependability
With an extremely low rate of failure and years of proven performance in the field, eCO2 fulfills physicians’ extensive needs with a highly reliable, powerful resurfacing solution.
Unique, Proprietary Features
Patented Controlled Chaos Technology (CCT™) generates random energy delivery patterns to minimize complications from bulk heating and maximize patient comfort.

Ultimate Control Over Energy Delivery


Dynamic Mode completely eliminates the checkerboard look of other CO2 systems and provides clinicians with a more comfortable operation by allowing the user to ‘Air Brush’ the energy. Whether you are treating large areas or just feathering to eliminate demarcation lines, Dynamic Mode provides your patients with a more natural look.


Static Mode allows for traditional ‘Stamping’ which allows users to treat scanned areas of 14 x 14 mm with selectable density options to enable precise delivery of laser energy without the need for multiple passes other systems require.


From ultra-deep to superficial ablation, the eCO2 has the features you need to address a broad range of clinical conditions. The ultra-fast quick change tips come in a choice of three spot sizes, 120 and 300 μm, allowing you on-the-fly customized treatments. The eCO2’s tip auto-recognition feature automatically changes treatment settings to adjust for the change in spot size. Combined together, the advanced technology, quick-change tips and safety features ensure the ultimate control for the best outcomes.

Provide Results Your Patients Demand

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Courtesy of Mark Rubin, MD

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