The Cool Way to Reduce Fat

The CoolSculpting procedure targets and freezes fat cells with cryolipolysis, a unique advanced cooling technology. Fat cells in the treated area are then eliminated through the body’s normal metabolic processes, gradually through apoptosis and phagocytosis, in a way that does not harm the surrounding tissues.

CoolSculpting Technology: Advanced Proprietary Engineering

CoolSculpting technology combines the science of cryolipolysis with advanced proprietary engineering used by ZELTIQ to develop a truly innovative medical device.

The CoolSculpting system is available to physicians who specialize in cosmetic procedures, aesthetic medicine, dermatology, and other practices that provide body-shaping treatments. The CoolSculpting procedure reduces unwanted fat on the abdomen, flank, thigh and upper arm; bra fat and back fat; as well as fat underneath the buttock and chin and area below the jawline.

Unlike traditional invasive surgical techniques, the CoolSculpting procedure provides non-invasive fat reduction with no needles or surgical incisions.

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