308 Excimer


A Handheld System for the Treatment of Psoriasis and Vitiligo

Heralded as the only handheld, monochromatic UVB therapy system worldwide, the Excimer 308* gives your practice numerous advantages:

  • Optimal wavelength of 308 nm with clinically proven effectiveness
  • More flexible than excimer lasers
  • 16 cm2 spot size for quicker treatments of large areas
  • Variable power densities
  • Treat any area of the body
  • Lightweight and compact unit, portable from room to room
  • Low operating cost and no disposables
  • High treatment demand

What Does This Mean for Your Dermatology Practice?

Psoriasis affects approximately 1% to 3% of the U.S. population.**
Vitiligo affects 7.5 million people in the United States.** Both remain
common skin conditions worldwide.

Psoriasis and vitiligo can be serious problems that significantly lessen quality of life. Neither condition can be altogether cured, although ongoing research provides some hope.

Until cures are found, the millions of people suffering from psoriasis and vitiligo rely on dedicated professionals for treatment options. Excimer 308 gives providers a cost-effective tool to help them.

** Sources: National Psoriasis Foundation psoriasis(dot)org and Vitiligo Support International

The Treatment

308 Excimer

The Excimer 308 unit utilizes the optimal 308 nm wavelength. Power densities are variable and easily set using the color touch screen interface.

The spot can be applied directly to the treatment area. If needed, masks can be mounted to the spot, letting you adapt the size and shape of the spot to smaller areas and ensuring that healthy skin is unexposed to UVB light.

The compact size and weight make it easy to treat any area of the body while the 16 cm2 spot helps you treat large areas quickly and effectively.

While results can vary, many patients report seeing visible results after only a few sessions.


Excimer 308’s advantages begin with a low cost of acquisition and immediately continue with a minimal operating cost. But they don’t stop there.

Highly Effective

High dose, monochromatic 308 nm light, on par with excimer laser systems, gives fast results and the 16 cm2 spot size for can shorten treatment time even on large areas.

High ROI

The Excimer 308 is a maintenance-free technology that requires no consumables. It’s the smallest handheld excimer system available on the market with a huge demand.

High Patient satisfaction

With Excimer 308, you can help millions of people suffering for vitiligo or psoriasis with a virtually pain-free treatment that provide fast results without post treatment downtime.

Smart Technology

Automated MED (Minimum Erythema Dose) test: convenient and time saving, simple and intuitive setting of all parameters with big, easy-to-use color Smart Design touch screen.

Smart Design

Excimer 308 really does put the power of an excimer laser into your hands. The small, lightweight unit means you can apply therapeutic UVB light anywhere on the patient’s body. The system includes a compact carrying case for easy mobility from room to room.

Before and After

Information and media from: https://www.almalasers.com/us/device/excimer-308/

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